Raineri Precision Tools is a mechanical engineering company offering its clients a turnkey service. Our company has been in existence for well over 40 years. We produce quality machined components to be used in the manufacturing of your own products, or as replacement parts for your plant and equipment. We also assemble your various components to supply you with a finished product if required.

Over the years our company has earned both the respect and confidence of it vast number of clients. We believe that our company's foundation is built on our values which distinguish us and guide our actions. Our service and expertise in the engineering field can be applied to many different sectors of industry.


Operating from our own purpose built premises in Foundersview South Modderfontein, we have a wide variety of conventional as well as CNC machines at our disposal. We are able to turn up to seven meters in length and over one meter in diameter. Our CNC machinery consists of five lathes and three machining centres with fourth axis capibility. All our CNC machines are programmed using the latest CAD/CAM software. We are equipped to fabricate small to medium structures in mild steel as well as stainless steel. We also undertake reconditioning work where we strip, clean and rebuild various products such as gearboxes, pumps, winches conveyors, etc. Our workshop is serviced by an eight ton overhead crane.

We also work closely with selected sub-contractors thereby offering our clients a complete service. This includes heavy fabrication work, sheet metal work, heat treatment, frinding, gear cutting, chroming or any other process required to produce finished products. This eliminates the need for our clients to deal with many different suppliers.


From sourcing raw materials to final delivery, each process is closely monitored to minimise error and ensure total efficiency. All our equipment are fully inspected before delivery and an inspection report is available if so required by the customer. Most of our operation is computerised ensuring smoot flow from start to finish. We utilise Jobshop software for planning our jobs and monitoring them throughout the entire manufacturing process. All the data is recorded and stored for future reference. This also ensures traceability at all times and allows us to check efficiency in order to eliminate time wastage. Our CNC programming is done using Teksoft CAD/CAM ensuring parts of exceptional quality whilst reducing idle machine time, a cost benefit which is passed onto our clients. All our invoicing, administration and salaries and wages are done by Pastel software.


With our combined experience and expertise in all aspects of machining and manufacturing, our commitment to your company needs and our ability to adapt to ever changing markets, we believe that we can offer your company a service and value of exceptional value.