The company commenced operation in the early seventees as an engineering jobbing shop with Pietro Raineri as its sole founder. An immagrant born in Northern Italy, he applied all the skills and knowledge that he acquired as a youngster in his native country. Through commitment, determination and lots of hard work, he built the company into the succesful organisation that it is today. In 1990 he was joined by his son, Andrea. Sadly Pietro passed away in 2010, however his legacy continues to guide and inspire us...


Our staff compliment of 30 consists of administration, accounts, buying, planning, skilled artisans and trained operators. Some of them have been with the company for over 25 years. They are all encouraged to perform their duties with the utmost diligence. We continuously perform in house training with our staff to improve their current skill level. We also encourage them to obtain new skills assisting them with external training where necessary.


• To meet and exceed customer expectations through quality, ontime delivery and market related pricing.
• To conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
• To protect the environment, health and safety of our employess and customers.
• To continuously strive for improvement in all aspects of our business through regular reviews of suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.